We can cover a lot in 90 minutes

Very different from just a meeting, a brainstorming session gives you a valuable opportunity to discuss your strategy, your website, your marketing ideas and just about anything you want to ask from an independent sounding board — me — so you can create a real plan of action. Clients tend to choose a Copy with Cream brainstorming session for 3 different reasons, so which situation describes you best?

A. You have chosen to make a significant investment
When you’re really committed to spending your valuable resources on creating or improving your website and marketing, you want to make absolutely sure that you choose the copywriter who’s the best fit for you. A brainstorming session is a low-cost, no-obligation investment that allows you and your team to make absolutely sure that Copy with Cream is a great match for your organisation and your project.

B. You’re a very small business with a very small budget

While you’d love a copywriter to write or rewrite your whole website, realistically you know that you don’t have the budget for that right now. But you also know that you really need help. A brainstorming session with Copy with Cream gives you time to pick my brain, get valuable feedback on what you have and what you can do. The 75 page eBook and the web masterplan gives you the tools to DIY. You’ll walk away from the brainstorming session with a clear plan of how to successfully move forward.

C. You’ve got so many ideas you’re not sure which way to go
Think of me as a sounding board. I’ll use my imagination to step into the shoes of your target audience. I’ll interview you to get a handle on your business fast, and uncover extra information that you may not think to include. And very importantly, I will bring objectivity to your project — because when you live and breathe your business, it’s difficult to take a step back. In the past 20 years, I have coached over 800 business owners. I’ve also been on my own roundabout and rollercoaster rides as a small business owner, so I can relate.

Free eBook with your brainstorming session

How do you cram 20+ years’ experience into a website? You can’t. That’s why I’ve written an eBook. It’s the perfect tool for the small business owner who wants to DIY.  Called ‘Better Advertising in 1 hour’ it contains 75 pages of great info.

About half the book is about writing but I’ve also included sections on design, branding, photography, typography, and much more. And my ‘What NOT to do’ section was written to try and keep you out of trouble. One of my clients flicked straight to this section, read 2 pages, threw his business cards out and proudly handed me one of the new business cards he’d designed, the next time we met. He was rapt.

This eBook won’t turn you into an instant copywriter, but I guarantee you’ll get lots of great ideas, tips and tricks that are so easy to implement, and make so much sense that you’ll be surprised that everyone doesn’t do it this way. I’ve seen a number of my clients read the book, then rewrite their existing web copy and then get me to edit it. Saving hours of my time and hundreds of their dollars. Everyone who books a brainstorming session gets a free copy of my ebook.

You’ll also get my Web Masterplan. A concise, information-packed presentation that steps you through the 5 basic pages for a website. It will help you quickly and easily sort out what information to put where, saving you a lot of confusion and stress.

At my (café) office, at your office, via Zoom or phone

It doesn’t matter where you are, we can have a session via Zoom or on the phone. If you’re in Adelaide, I can come to your office and you can involve some of your team members as well — the more heads the better! Or you can come to my other local ‘office’, one of the cafés at Jetty Road, Brighton. Many of my clients enjoy the chance to escape from the office and clear their head. A brainstorming session may be just what you need, so please give me a call. I’d love to help you.