When you’re creating branding, advertising or marketing material for your business, it’s the visual impact that first grabs people’s attention — but it’s essential to have some great words to back it all up.

That’s when you might need an web content writer or an advertising copywriter, to help make your website and your advertising work that much harder for you.

What copywriting is not

Copywriting is not just about spelling, apostrophes and grammar, and it’s definitely not about just copying. In fact, if you want your Google rankings to tank, copy a whole lot of content from other people’s websites, paste it into yours and watch what happens. Only joking — please NEVER do that! It’s a recipe for disaster.

Google loves original content

Google loves well written content. Unique content. Content that you won’t find anywhere else on the internet. Content that talks about your business specifically, that paints a picture and helps people see how you and your business stand apart from your competition. Because if you just sound like everybody else, why should they come to you?

Finding the best words

Copywriting is all about finding the best words to get your message across to your target audience. It’s about writing in a conversational style that’s friendly and engaging. Whether you’re creating content for your website or your social media, writing a brochure or a newsletter, using direct marketing, or designing a print ad, a sign or a billboard. And what about radio or video? As the animation gurus I worked with used to say, it all starts with a good script. In other words, it all starts with the words.