How Copy with Cream helps our clients

Jan Stokes, a business adviser with NorthWest Business Development Centre, (NWBDC) based in Port Adelaide, South Australia. Now called Adelaide Business Hub, they help small businesses with low-cost advice and mentoring. 

How a copywriter can help fine-tune your advertising message

Tracey Baker of TB Consulting talks about how she got clarity for her business and her advertising message by sitting down and having a coaching session with Karen from Copy with Cream, Adelaide, SA

How a copywriter can save you money

John Semba has 20+ years experience in direct marketing. 
Here he talks about how Copy with Cream can save a client money when helping them with their copywriting.

A fantastic relationship over 10 years

“It’s been a fantastic relationship over the past 10 years. I’ve been reading through the final copy for Haigh’s Happenings – it just reads so well, I think you’ve got it down to such a perfect match for the brand. It’s been a great journey and we look forward to working with you on many other projects in the future.”

Stuart Chandler
Corporate Brand Manager
Haigh’s Chocolates


We love her style of writing

“Karen is always able to find out some extra little bit of interesting information, or an unusual angle to a story. We love her style of writing. It’s fresh and lively, it flows, it’s easy to read, and it reflects what we are about here at Haigh’s.”

Sandra Gibson
Marketing and Promotions Manager
Haigh’s Chocolates


Lifted the quality of our creative thought

“We have been lucky enough to have Karen work with our marketing and in house creative team for the past 6 months at Internode. Karen has worked with our team to lift the quality of our creative thought and execution to new highs. Karen has provided outstanding copywriting services and her enthusiasm and easy-going nature has made her a pleasure to work with.”

Tom McQueen
Media Manager


A fresh and unbiased perspective

“Copy with Cream has been providing our business with copywriting solutions for over three years. We first approached Karen Zaskolny to write a suite of letters for us. It wasn’t long before we identified her incredible ability to de-jargonise and simplify our messages. We were advantaged by the fact that Karen didn’t intimately understand our industry – this meant she could offer us a fresh and unbiased perspective. Our most recent project was copywriting for two new websites. Karen’s flexible approach meant she was able to take our reams of copy and re-word/edit it for us. This saved us hours in management time. Our experience has been very positive and I look forward to working on more projects with Karen/Copy with Cream in the future.”

Vicki Ali
Marketing Communications Manager
Health Partners


Just the right words... excellent interviewing skills 

“Karen has been wonderful to work with at V.I.P., she has an incredible ability to find just the right words, no matter what the task. She meets every project head on and works diligently to meet deadlines. She has also been a wonderful liaison and boasts excellent interviewing skills, getting the very best out of whoever she speaks with.”

Danielle Lupoi
National Brand and Campaign Manager


Made me look at brochures in a completely different way!

“The good news is that the MJ brochure has had a great reception and all the department stores and retailers thought it was fantastic. I think the DLs are great and we have much more chance of getting these in prominent positions in stores so hopefully they will help to boost sales. Thanks for all your hard work and advice, Karen you have made me look at brochures in a completely different way!!!! And you have converted Darren to ‘less is more’!!! Thank you again for all your help, you certainly turn our drivel into copy with cream!!”

Sue Michell
Office Manager and Sales Administrator

“Thanks for all your work Karen…it has been a great journey and we are all happy with the result. I think it turned out great. Well done…it will be a great brochure thanks for your patience and good work….”

Darren Turner
Managing Director


Excellent copy that sells the business... also works on Google

“I have been working with Karen at Copy with Cream for many years and she has always delivered great outcomes for my clients. She provides excellent copy that sells the business but also works on Google searches. She is more adaptable than most other copywriters and she does listen to feedback and then responds. I highly recommend her to any business that wants to improve their communications with their clients.”

Adrian Adams
Founder and Creative Director
Jaba Web Design www.jaba.com.au


A lot of effort into research to make sure her copy is on point

“I've worked with Karen over the years on my own business projects and with mutual clients, covering website and advertising copy. I have always been pleased with the results. She puts a lot of effort into research and working with the in house subject matter experts to make sure her copy is on point. Can't wait to work with Karen again.”

Tony McCreath
Web Site Advantage


Words matter — and when you work with a professional copywriter you get the results you need 

“I turned to Karen to help me with copywriting when I was struggling with describing the services I offer to clients. I was finding it hard to nut out how I could describe the technical side of the work we do.

I’m forever recommending to my clients that they need to connect with their customers by taking out their industry lingo — but do you think I could do it myself?  Thanks to Karen we found a way forward.

Not only did Karen help me with the words, she suggested a few image ideas as well.  Our collaboration got me out of my rut and into a new direction. Thanks Karen!”

Fiona Blinco


Karen cared about more than just my writing

“Back when I started freelancing, the biggest challenge I had was being on my own. I no longer had someone to tap on the shoulder and ask if I was doing something right. I knew I needed this person, and a quick Google search led me to Karen. I could sense her energy, even through her website, so I reached out. Talking to her on the phone confirmed my first impressions and I felt that she wanted to help me. 

What I loved about Karen is that she cared about more than just my writing. She gave me encouragement, as well as tough love. She wanted me to be better writer, business owner, heck, person! It was this personal touch that I really needed, especially when I was starting out. Hey, I still need this now. 

Karen helped me value my work, my creative time, and just as importantly, my life out of work. As a freelancer, that line can get very blurred. And for a sensitive soul like me, negative feedback literally derailed me for hours, days even. Karen suggested a conference that she thought would benefit me, and I can honestly say, it was one of the best things that I ever did. My business changed a lot after that, for the better.” 

Amanda Smith
Freelance Writer 
Adelaide and New York


The testimonials have become a central part of our marketing

“I met Karen in a business group, and she immediately stood out as someone who knows how to communicate and, more importantly, genuinely cares about helping other people succeed in their business.

A little time later we engaged Karen to assist us interview some of our clients and to prepare testimonials for our website and marketing materials. You don't need to say much more than that a number of our clients who she spoke to subsequently engaged Karen to assist them in the same way!

Karen has a knack of connecting with people, and making them feel very comfortable and willing to share their views and experiences. The testimonials she prepared for us have become a central part of our marketing, and are key to building that initial trust people need to first engage with us. We would highly recommend that anyone looking to improve their corporate communications has a coffee with Karen to see how she can help.”

Andrew Andreyev


An amazing overhaul of my website... new bookings for me

“Karen did an amazing overhaul of my website. I thought i was doing pretty well with content, structure, and marketing, but she identified so many things to help optimise it further. It ranged from simple sentencing structure, and layout ideas, to how the eye travels over my website, and to gain the most responsive site possible. It was a definite eye opener for me. Since these changes, my bounce rate has improved, people spend longer on each page, and my SEO has improved. These have obviously convert to new bookings for me. Not only that, Karen is full of spark, energy and enthusiasm, and was such fun to work with!!”

Rohan Smith


All the information in all the right places

“Our website and promotional material was great on the eye, and had great bones. However, after Karen worked her magic it took our website to the next level. It now looks great, is user friendly and has all the information in all the right places plus those extra things that Karen brings to the table that makes our company stand out from the rest.

Since our initial meeting and first lot of work, we have continued to use Karen just to fine-tune any new projects we’ve had, and will continue to use her in the future. She really knows her stuff and she has been a great asset to our company.”

Tamira Graeber


Karen quickly got a grasp of our business

“Karen quickly got a grasp of our business and what I wanted to express. She helped me organise our words and offered suggestions to improve our website structure. She introduced us to an amazing web developer who did such a fabulous job. We are getting so many great comments and even enquiries as to who created and designed the website.”

Suzanne Caragianis


Her help has been invaluable

“Karen from Copy with Cream has helped me on a number of occasions and has made some great suggestions on how I structure my written communication...so that I can secure more sales in my business.

I have a training and coaching business, and her help has been invaluable. Why would anyone invest a lot of time, effort and money into written communication of any sort... without employing someone like Karen... for a second set of eyes, and to enhance the message that you are seeking to deliver.

I would highly recommend Karen to enhance the results that you will get from your website, training materials or point of sales materials.”

Peter Daniels


From 'not found' to Page 1 on Google

“I’m great at SEO but not so good with the words so I went looking for a copywriter on Google — I found Copy with Cream on Page 1. The moment I spoke to Karen on the phone, I knew that she was the copywriter I’d been looking for. Karen’s content, together with my link building — that’s the combination that Google wants. Every client that I got Karen to write copy for went up in the Google rankings dramatically. Two in particular went from ‘Not Found’ to Page 1. One was a finance client, the other business was christmas decorations, which just goes to show that Copy with Cream can improve your content and help you get in front of more potential customers, whatever line of business you’re in.”

Dimi Panayiotithis
SEO Account Manager


Very noticeable improvement — at least double the amount of phone calls

“We run an IT services firm here in Adelaide and I thought we had a pretty good website. In the past I had spent money on getting the site optimised for better rankings within Google. The optimisation was working to the extent that we were getting quick a few clicks on our site. The problem was that most visitors were pressing the back button all too quickly.

Put simply, there was something about our site that was putting potential clients off. What was it? Poor content.

I had spent so much money and effort on getting the site optimised for key word rankings that the content itself became almost nonsensical in parts as it was just splattered with the desired keywords all over the site and in places that didn’t even make sense.

I knew I had to do something as the site was just not performing well. Sure I was getting over 150 visits per month but very few calls as a result. What we needed was to overhaul the website, improve the way the site reads and add actual interesting content that would hopefully be relevant to what a potential client might be looking for. I did a lot of research about the topic and it turns out that Google loves good content too. You see, Google will actually reward your site for visitors hanging around after they have clicked on your link if it is relevant to what they have searched for.

Having made the decision about needing to improve the website’s content, I searched around and found Karen who looked to be a good fit for our needs. Karen understood the complexities around balancing awesome content with some very timely wording that will make Google look favourably at your website and therefore drive business your way. Karen was very approachable, not pushy and very talented in her field.

She worked with us over a number of weeks and nailed the brief!

Since we have put up the new site and the content that Karen wrote for us, the improvement has been very noticeable. We are getting at least double the amount of calls and the potential clients that have called, have quite often commented on our new website. Content is very VERY important if you want to be ahead of your field. After working with Karen I would have no hesitation recommending her services to any business.”

Brett Brace


Karen’s help resulted in us being nominated ‘Finalists in the Honour Awards 2014’

“I have worked with Karen on two projects, (one quite substantial with 13+ revisions) and each time I have learnt a great deal about her process and her attention to detail about removing friction from the reading process. Copy editing really is the invisible mending for the message and Karen’s results speak volumes about her abilities, her personal outlook on text and the psychology of reading. Copy with Cream is a little resource that packs the biggest punch. It really is award winning — Karen’s support and polish to our recent text has just resulted in our speciality website driven business being nominated ‘Finalists in the Honour Awards 2014’ in Sydney. For the competitive edge with heart and meaning, I cannot recommend Karen’s work highly enough.”

Drew Browne
Unusual Risks Insured


Karen's copy has given me extra clients

“Karen has written the copy for my website, magazine ads and other work, all of which has given me extra clients. The story that Karen wrote on my About page directly prompted two of my clients to hire me. I would recommend Copy with Cream to give that extra edge in your copy.”

James Peat
Tiling SA


Karen is a brilliant wordsmith!

“The conversations we had before pinning down the written words were such a valuable part of the process. It took me a while to understand this! Once I did, and once the conversations were done, I saw the written words come together quickly and in a way that really did convey the heart of my business.

Karen listens, understands and is passionate about her words! She’s honest and caring with her feedback and finds the right words for the right occasion and audience! Her enthusiasm and encouragement for my new venture was just what I needed.

Compliments about my website are mostly related to its design and how easy it is to navigate. I'm so grateful to Karen for her expertise with this. Every little detail of navigation, colour and balance really does count. Karen knows how to manage these details into a website that works well.

Thanks for everything Karen! Couldn’t have done this without you!”

Pamela Murphy
Intercultural Tailored Solutions


Highly capable

“We engaged Karen when it became apparent that we had neither the time nor the skills to properly develop the language content of our new website. Karen was professional, highly capable and importantly very responsive to our timelines. We would use her again.”

Simon Rodger
Chief Executive Officer
Johnston Grocke


Karen got us some amazing testimonials

“We were going through a rebranding exercise and realised we needed some testimonials for our new website. We had lots of happy customers, but written testimonials are hard to get. Everybody’s busy, nobody’s got time and nobody knows what to write anyway. That’s when Carrie from We Create Brands suggested that she bring in a writer to give us a hand.

I gave Karen a list of clients and a bit of background information about each one. At the same time, I let the business owners know that someone would be calling them to have a chat about their experience with AddCash.

Well, about a week later we got five amazing testimonials that Karen had written up after interviewing five very happy clients. Not only did we have some great examples for our website, but our staff got so inspired when they saw all the good things that our clients had to say, it was a real morale-booster for the entire team.

I was so happy with the testimonials, we got Karen to get five more!

Karen has the ability to make people comfortable when she’s interviewing them. She asks some really good questions and she manages to get all these little details that really add to each person’s individual’s story. If you need someone to talk to your clients, Karen from Copy with Cream’s the one.”

Andrew Kelly
AddCash Finance
Adelaide, SA


Professionalism when canvassing our clients

“I would like to take the time to thank you for your assistance and professionalism when canvassing our clients for testimonials (or what we prefer to call – “what our clients say about us”).

We valued the openness of the feedback received from our clients which I believe could only have been gained by using a 3rd party professional such as yourself to cover off all aspects of the client relationship with Frisk and the functionality of Frisk Retrieval within the client environment.

I would have no hesitation in recommending Copy With Cream to other businesses who require the assistance of a professional copywriter to engage in open communications with their clients.”

Steve Farrimond
Managing Director
Frisk Retrieval


An unbiased mind to get me back on track

“After almost 12 years of tinkering with my web site, it got to a stage where I was beginning to lose direction. I knew I needed a set of experienced eyes and an unbiased mind to get me back on track. Karen was my answer! Her book and 90 minute consultation has shown me the right direction again. Thanks very much Karen. If I get lost again, expect another phone call.”

Chris Bylhouwer
Australian Operations Manager
Spray Pave Australia


Valuable feedback on website copy, layout, accessibility

"Karen and I have collaborated on several successful web projects and I always enjoy her vibrant approach. She is an accomplished communicator who uses imaginative, clear and concise language in her copy. Karen also provides very valuable feedback not only on a website's copy but also on user-level issues such as layout and accessibility. I was very pleased indeed with the quality of assistance Karen provided when I was drafting my eBook."

Peter Cornish
Internet Marketer
Succinct Ideas


What clients had to say after their one-on-one consult

“Karen, you certainly have a way with words… taking complex things and making them easy to understand. Thanks for the helpful advice you've given me with regard to my website and marketing material. I think your eBook is packed with great ideas, and best of all… it's an 'easy read'.”

Shane Gill
Brand Identity Designer
KIK Online Design


“Karen is one of those rare things in life — someone who promises much, but delivers more! She has mastery of her skills. Her tips and suggestions about how to setup my website for maximum impact were well thought out, logical and based on research or long experience. They also made sense. Working with words and communicating a message are central to my work as a lawyer. Karen was able to show me how to increase the effectiveness of my website through some simple but powerful changes. Her eBook showcases her skills very well. It alone was worth the price of the initial consultation.”

Uma Mahadeva
Legal Projects
Commercial Lawyers


“Karen reviewed my marketing material including my web page and provided great feedback on how I could improve some of my material. She also came up with a gem of an idea to gain new clients. I would recommend Karen to other small businesses who need some honest, professional and sincere direction or assistance with their marketing material.”

John Jones
Owner Operator
Asset Test and Tag


“Karen helped me enormously! Because English isn't my first language, I really needed help with our website. The website did have some text faults in it and Karen found them immediately. She gave me really good ideas about how to make it look even better. Karen also helped me with a letter, with the text on our flyer and she had some good tips about how to find the people who would be interested in our business. She is very creative and gave me a lot of ideas to work with. Thanks Karen!”

Aleksandra Dobek
Sporty Mums


“Highly inspirational! Positively overwhelming!”

Matthew Colliver
The Support House


“Fantastic! Well worth it and lots of valuable info and feedback.”

Ben Kilsby
Holopoint Interactive


What people had to say about Karen’s presentation at WordPress Adelaide, “What the BLEEP do I put on my website?”

“Good topic, good speaker and good attendance. Speaker Karen Zaskolny from Copy with Cream knew her subject and dovetailed her message into the world of web sites. Clear bullets accurately describing the approach to take and if DIY was beyond the capability or interest of attendees she offered a variety of accessible services at very reasonable rates to assist attendees with their web development. Good presentation, good Q&A, good pizza and drinks, and good post presentation conversation; an all-round good experience.”

John Reeves Taylor
EMDG Consulting


“Yeah it was wonderful being there and listening to Karen. Thanks for clarifying some of my doubts during the presentation.”

Maninder Singh Walia


“Informative and useful.”

Saman Attarian, PMP


“Thank you so much for your WordPress meetup presentation last night. It was very informative — one of the main things I got out of it was having our photos on the About Us page. You're right of course — many people wouldn't know what we look like. Also I love your website. It is simple to use and very informative without being overpowering. We will definitely recommend you to people we meet who might be able to make use of the services you offer. ”

Jenny Porter
Coastlines Community Magazine
Southern Fleriueu


Letters that were warm and friendly

"Working with Karen was such a delight. We desperately needed help with writing our appeal letters and Karen immediately understood our needs. Karen produced letters that were warm and friendly with a level of professionalism that we are proud to be associated with. Thanks for bringing us into the 21st century Karen!"

Leanne Tripodi
Executive Officer
Daw House Hospice Foundation


I still use some of the lines you taught me 15 years ago

"Karen I think your website is great.  I think the way you have done the eBook is fantastic. I still use some of the lines you taught me 15 years ago."

Phil Stump


The benefit of a second set of eyes

"As a busy Sydney-based financial services practice we often find that communicating what we do to real people often requires the benefit of a second set of eyes. We are very pleased to have found Karen at Copy with Cream during the construction of our 2010 company brochure that brought together difficult and intricate financial concepts presented in an accurate and relevant format. Her patience had extended to over 11 revisions - that's something that had even strained the powers of my office manager - but the result was perfection and a significant increase in our ability to leverage our expertise in this competitive market. Not only did our company brochure text receive a much-needed makeover but so did our thinking and our approach to client communications for this year. We recommend the services of Copy with Cream."

Drew Browne
Sapience Financial & Investment Services


Easy to read and relevant style

“I was delighted to review your ebook. It's really good and I like the easy to read and relevant style in which you have written it. I will be recommending it to my clients.”

Gordon Kay
Business Coach for DTED, 
Director of Engineering Software Solutions


Loved it! Exactly what I needed!

“Karen I loved your e-book, it was exactly what I needed!' I was struggling over the best words to use in an ad that I was writing so I sat down and read your book, then I wrote my ad, then I went back to the relevant parts within the e-book to tighten it all up. I now have an ad that targets exactly who I want to target, I have a call to action, and I now know where to position my logo. I have also gone through all my paperwork and made sure my branding is beautiful and consistent - I'd heard the term before but never put so simply. Thank you.”

Maree Khoo
Tri Nature Distributor


Changed the way I look at business cards

“Karen's book has been written in a way that allows you to read bits and pieces of it as you need it. It has changed the way I look at business cards and inspired me to get myself a new one!”

Graham Bell
Bell Management Consultants


You made me rethink how important layout and headings are

“Thank so much Karen for all your time and valuable assistance with the presentation of content on our website. Your suggestions on ways to display our material really made me think about much is text is actually necessary to get the message across. You also made me rethink how important layout and headings are in bringing important information to people’s attention. You have so many great ideas and I appreciate your willingness to share them.”

Julia Kennewell
Kennewell Civil


Provided critique while maintaining our confidence

“Karen's enthusiasm is fantastic and very inspirational. She has a huge depth of knowledge and the ability to provide critique of our copy while maintaining our confidence!”

Peter King
Chapman and King


Helped me improve my writing very quickly

"It has been great to have the support and advice from Karen of Copy with Cream. I downloaded her e-book and found it easy to read, with some very good practical advice that really helped me improve my writing very quickly. I then booked a number of coaching sessions and enjoyed working together on my website, brochures and business cards - I am very pleased with the outcome. I thoroughly recommend Karen to help you design and coordinate all your marketing tools. I found it very worthwhile to have the professional advice and help that she offers. Thanks Karen."

Rozalia Wator
Holistic Life Coaching


Refer people at any stage of business

"Thank you for your time today. You are a wealth of knowledge and I really love and appreciate how authentic you are, very endearing and refreshing. I know that I could refer people at any stage of business to you and you would be able to meet them where they're at and help them with their marketing."

Soli Goodes
Journal Junky


The very excellent Karen Z

"In my entire writing/songwriting career, I have only collaborated with ONE other writer - namely Graeham Goble of Little River Band/Reminiscing fame - until today 29/10/09 - when I collaborated with the very excellent Karen Z from Copy with Cream!"

Steve Foster
Steve Foster Music


Easy to work with

"Karen provided me with training on how to write editorials, case studies and news releases. The training agenda was personalised to suit my requirements and I found the writing processes and tips very useful. Karen was very easy to work with as she is friendly and personable. She was also flexible and spent time answering any questions that I had, which was greatly appreciated."

Amanda Fairweather
Principal, Marketing & Communications


Positive feedback from NABEC clients

"We have already received positive feedback from clients that participated in Karen's workshop session….so it is indeed comforting to me as a Business Advisor to know we have access to well-skilled and professional people who are passionate about helping our clients."

Larry Cavallaro
Manager, Business Advisory Service
Northern Adelaide Business Enterprise Centre


Very informative and helpful

"I have attended two of Karen Zaskolny’s workshops and found them both to be very informative and helpful in so many ways. I learned how to give clarity to my direct marketing letter writing. I would highly recommend Karen’s workshops to anyone who wants to write better material or design brochures etc for their business marketing."

Rosemary Williams
Administration Manager
Inner Southern Business Enterprise Centre


Suitable for people at all levels

“Karen's passion for her work and life in general are obvious on first meeting.
She is able to look at a new concept, understand it in a very short time frame and has the ability to write words that are suitable for people at all levels to grasp. Her organisational skills are great and she uses time very productively.”

Lisa Virgo


The inspiration to get going

"Hi Karen, I have come quite a long way since we spoke. At the moment up to my ears in Boxes and Baskets. Fantastic!! It was my meeting with you that gave me the inspiration to 'get going' - Thank You."

Charmaine Cheesman
Absolutely Fabulous Boxes, Baskets & Balloons


Will help my business for years to come

"What I learnt from Karen in 3 hours will help my business for years to come."

Doug Young


Informative and lively speaker

“You are a natural, informative and lively speaker and I thoroughly enjoyed the 2 hours. Thankyou.”

Carolyn Siviour


New ads working well

“The new ads (both print and radio) seem to be working well which is great.”

Dr Jones & Partners


So much clearer and easier to read

“Thanks so much for your efforts, I was very impressed with your work. It is so much clearer and easier to read and I think certainly gets the message across – I didn’t realise just how much I had duplicated and the messages got lost. I will certainly be looking to use your services again!!”

Ian Dixon
Ian Dixon P/L


Karen talks TO you and works it through WITH you

“I needed someone to help me get a few things right. I was hesitant because (from past experience) I hate it when people talk AT me about what I’m supposedly doing wrong. What I look for is someone that will teach me a better way of doing things. Fortunately, CWC was recommended early. Karen talks TO you and works it through WITH you, whilst making the effort to understand you, your business and your idea. The need for good copy can get overlooked. But when you learn the right way and see the difference, the cost means nothing. You can see how many ideas don’t make it, simply because no one got it. We’ve generated a lot of initial interest thanks to Karen’s work. CWC has earned its stripes and we’ll stick with Karen.”

Jeremy Lomman
SOS Interim Management


A great format for my letter

“Thank you for your assistance – you have given me a great format for my letter. I really appeciated what you did and hopefully I can now turn this into sales.”

Ms Von Karpinski
GMS Innovation


Creative lateral thinker

“Karen is an energetic and creative lateral thinker who writes great copy. Her experience in the industry combined with her clarity about processes makes Karen great to work with.

Jacquie Sprott
Red Ripple


This copy looks great

“This copy looks great! Thanks for all your help on this.”

Angela Cirelli 
Marketing Manager, San Remo


Delighted with the final product

“Many thanks for your support of our service through the AGDA initiative ‘Design Conscience’. We are delighted with the final product and look forward to using this new professional image on some of our promotional material. We can’t thank you enough for your contribution to our service.”

Amelia Wilkinson
Royal Flying Doctor Service


The before and after difference is amazing

“Just a quick note to tell you how pleased I am with the brochure. They have just come in hot off the press, and I had to write to let you know. The before and after difference is amazing. I had no idea what to expect and now I am so glad I contacted you. Your work and enthusiasm is second to none. I will certainly be spreading the word.”

Kylie Tucker
Back in Action


Loved the way you worked

“Thanks. I loved the letter and the client loved the letter! Loved the way you worked and the outcome. Thanks for a job well done.”

Karen Cormack
Cormack Communications