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If you haven't got the time to write the content you know you should be writing for your website and your blog posts, you might be thinking it's time to get help from someone. But who?


4 ways to get help with your web content writing

  1. You could outsource your writing to an advertising agency. This is usually too expensive for a small or solo business owner, but it's a viable option for a larger organisation. However, an ad agency doesn't know your business.
  2. You could outsource your writing to a freelancer, which is cheaper. But they don't know your business either.
  3. You could employ a writer in-house. But putting another staff member on is a big commitment financially. And will you have enough work to justify having them there full-time? It's a risk.
  4. The best solution could be for you to get a writer in-house but not full-time. If you're located in Adelaide, that could be me. A part-time in-house writer, an occasional in-house writer, a casual in-house writer — whatever you want to call it — as and when you need one.


The benefits of a part-time in-house writer

Nobody in the world knows your business like you do. Having to let go of doing the writing yourself can be extremely difficult — I know. (I hate it when anyone else writes so much as a workshop intro about me!)

But if you're running your business, you have a lot of hats to wear and if your writing is falling behind, and ideas are sitting in the bottom of your in-tray gathering dust because you're too busy with the day-to-day, maybe it's time to think about getting some writing help.

The beauty of a part-time in-house writer is that they come into your business, and work with you. They're in the office, so you can keep an eye on what they're writing for you. And they can quickly change tack if it's not exactly what you had in mind.


Sometimes remote is not as good

Now, I know everyone is very excited about working from home, and working remotely, because Zoom and other technology has made it much easier for businesses to work in exciting new ways these days. Personally? I think there's nothing like getting every team member in the same room, around the table. To brainstorm, to hash stuff out and to make sure everyone is on the same page. I believe that's when the best work happens.


An in-house writer only when you need them

Knowing that your writer is coming in and will be there one afternoon a week, for example, helps you organise your work for them. It enables you to put things aside for them, and it also helps you to 'let go' of having to spend that extra time on something such as editing, editing, editing to make it perfect. Leave it to them. If you're extra busy, they come in for extra time. And if you're not busy that week? You don't get them in at all.


Cost effective

Getting an in-house writer in on a regular basis is a very cost-effective way of working. Very importantly, it enables you to keep control of your creative, and to always know exactly what's going on.


Give me a call and let's chat

If you're located in Adelaide and you've been thinking that you need help with your writing, please contact me. I'd be very happy to have a chat to see how having an in-house writer come in to your business on a regular basis could work for you.


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In-house copywriter case studies

I've worked as an in-house writer for a number of organisations in Adelaide over the years and they were all different. To find out why they decided to get in an in-house writer, and for details about how exactly an in-house writer helped their business, please click through to the case studies for Internode, VIP Home Services, Ad Agencies and Web Developers or Retirement Village.