A quick, easy 1-hour read for the small business owner who wants to DIY. 75 pages about writing, design, branding, logos, photography, typography and more.



I wrote this eBook specially for the small business owner who wants to DIY

Being a sole trader, I know what it’s like trying to do everything yourself. With limited knowledge. Or a limited budget. Or both! So one of my passions is helping other small business owners by sharing what I know. This eBook was going to be called ‘Better Writing in 1 Hour’. But once I started writing it — which was about the same time as I started coaching small business owners — I realised they needed help with other things as well.


So what’s in the book?

Lots about writing. Plus a bit about design, branding, logos, colours, photography and typography. So how on earth am I qualified to talk about all this visual stuff when I’m a writer? Two reasons.

  • I studied Advertising and Graphic Design before I realised I was a writer.
  • I’ve worked with some brilliant designers, photographers and web developers over the years and have absorbed lots by osmosis.


My aim is to try and keep you out of trouble

The eBook also has a fun section called ‘What not to do’…

  • What not to do on a website
  • What not to do on a brochure
  • What not to do on a business card, and lots more.  

Because we’ve all seen terrible examples, and because you don’t want to be one! This eBook won’t turn you into an instant copywriter (or designer), but I guarantee you’ll get lots of great ideas — tips and tricks that are quite easy to implement and make so much sense you’ll wonder why everyone doesn’t do it this way.


Save time and money

I’ve seen a number of my clients read the book, then rewrite their existing web copy, then get me to edit it. Saving hours of my time and hundreds of their dollars. The 75 easy-to-read pages have lots of case studies and you can read the whole book in under an hour. (Yes, this has been tested!) Because I figure if you’re in business, who’s got time!


You don’t have to read the whole book to benefit

You can use the comprehensive Contents page to find exactly what you’re looking for, then go straight to the relevant pages. Which is exactly what one of my clients did. He checked out the Contents page, flicked to the section he was interested in, read 2 pages, chucked his business cards in the bin, and proudly handed me one of the new business cards he’d designed, next time we met. He was rapt.


So what are you waiting for?

Whether you want to DIY or simply be empowered with more knowledge when you’re talking to your writer, designer or web developer, this eBook is for you. Download the free eBook intro or buy the eBook using the PayPal button below.


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