I think of a website like a city – the bigger it is, the easier it is to get lost! So it’s no wonder that larger companies have some unique challenges with their sites. But I can help. 

Bigger business clients

In my time as a copywriter working at J Walter Thompson in Singapore and Hong Kong, my clients included Citibank, Cigna, Tiger Beer and HongKong Telecom. Since returning to Adelaide and establishing Copy with Cream in 1997, larger clients have included Haigh’s Chocolates, Internode, Health-Partners, Australia Post, AdBri, Dept of Premier and Cabinet, StudyAdelaide, Hostworks, SA Ambulance, Dept of Education, Motor Accident Commission, San Remo, Australia Post and Hilton. 

Working with your marketing team

There are lots of ways that I can help larger organisations with their websites, newsletters, brochures, direct marketing letters and communication in general. I usually work very closely with the marketing manager or marketing staff, the key word being collaboration.

Empowering your staff

Whether you have 2 people or 20 writing your content, I can show them how to be more effective. Get me in to run a round-table brainstorming session or do a theatre-style presentation. Tailored to your needs. A few hours or a few sessions will give your team some really simple and effective tools so they can make your website simpler to navigate and easier to understand. Dejargonizing corporate-speak is a real specialty of mine.  

Happy to play ‘bad cop’

Sometimes people bring me in to play ‘bad cop’ and I’m quite happy to do that, too. As an independent consultant, I can get away with saying things that a staff member may not. And because I come from the outside, I can play a very important role and offer a truly fresh perspective. If any of this resonates, please give me a call. I’d be happy to have a chat and see how I can help you.





interviews, newsletters, brochures, press releases

Haigh's contacted me a number of years ago, because they wanted to know if I could help them with their (printed) newsletters. Of course I said 'yes'. I worked with their marketing team for over 10 years and we created a warm, chatty style for their newsletters.  As you can imagine, I found it extremely easy to write about chocolate. Secret chocolate tastings were also involved...





brainstorming, editing, copywriting, dejargonizing and even a Seek ad

When I worked inhouse with the Media team at Internode, I was the only person in the building who didn't really get what they did. Which is why they wanted me there — to help dejargonize their geek-speak for their layperson customer. When they needed a full-time writer to replace me, I had fun writing into the Seek ad that 'Prima donnas need not apply'. They got applications from around the world. 





interviews, editing, proofreading, vox pops

Like most of the work I have done for government departments, my work here mainly involved making sure that their language didn't sound too much like 'government-speak'. I worked with David Speirs and the team on Vox Pops, Vision 2020 & 'Better together'a booklet designed to communicate with other government departments.