When I first started Copy with Cream, I worked mainly as a freelance copywriter for some of the advertising agencies in Adelaide. Copywriting for brochures, direct marketing and some press and the occasional radio ad.

I then discovered networking

I started networking at The Business Centre which used to be on South Terrace, Adelaide. That’s how I was introduced to the BECs (Business Enterprise Centres) and met many small business owners, most of whom had never heard of a copywriter. Many of them wanted my help but said they didn’t have the budget. It seemed that every networking function, I had small business owners picking my brain for ideas. It took me a while to work out how to help them.

Helping small business with coaching

I approached one of the BECs with what I thought was a great idea. Since many small business owners really didn’t have the budget for a copywriter but they were the ones that desperately needed my help, could the BEC use some of their Federal Funding to co-fund my time for brainstorming? Yes. The idea was a winner. What  started with one BEC was taken up by others and I was able to help about 800 small business owners with their individual copywriting and advertising needs.

Fitting in with the client and their team

Different businesses need different types of help. Different clients each have their own way of working and — if we are a good fit — I am happy to be flexible and fit in with their work style. For ongoing work, I’m happy to come and work inhouse for the occasional, or regular afternoon. Most of the time we start with a brainstorming session, which sets the scene and then take it from there. Below are 3 types of clients I work with, and you’ll find more information under each section.