Case Study: VIP Home Services

Posted on 09/04/2024 by Karen

VIP had an issue with their website

VIP regularly used the services of an Adelaide SEO guy. He had assessed their website and advised them that Google didn't love it as much as it should have because many of the pages didn't have a lot of information on them. They needed more web content, but their marketing team was too busy. Luckily, the SEO guy had a simple solution.


A writer to come in-house and work with their team

VIP already had an advertising agency who took care of their strategy, branding, media buying, press and TV advertising and more. But what was really needed for their website, according to their SEO guy, was getting a writer to come in-house.

The copywriter's job would be to work with their marketing co-ordinator, Dani, to tackle the various web pages that needed more content. They would interview the right person at the company to find out the right information to explain their services more fully — expanding on the written content that was already on their site.


We started with two afternoons a week

There was a lot to be done, so it was decided that I would come in for two afternoons a week. But just two weeks in, VIP realised that getting an in-house writer to come in for 8 hours a week was too much!

The amount of work that I produced in that 8 hours was quite a lot — and added way too much work to the marketing co-ordinator's existing workload. Checking, editing and uploading. So VIP cut my in-house writing hours back to just one afternoon a week, which worked out well. Occasionally there were extra projects that couldn't be completed within my in-house hours, and I would either come in-house an extra afternoon that week or work remotely.


Regular blog posts were researched and written

As well as improving the copy on the website pages that were a bit sparse, one of the other important projects for an in-house writer at VIP was the writing of blog posts.

Google loves blog posts and they really help with improving the site ranking. But it's very easy for the writing of blog posts to fall by the wayside, especially with so many other day-to-day squeaky wheels that need attention. Having a dedicated writer come in-house to take care of the blog posts was a huge help for the marketing department.

As well as adding value to VIP customers by giving tips about what to do in the garden every season, these regular blog posts were a great source of short snippets that could be grabbed by the marketing co-ordinator for use on Facebook and other social media platforms. Which helped save the marketing team a lot of time and energy.


Knowing help was coming in-house every week was important

I know from working with Dani at VIP that having an in-house writer come in once a week took a load off her mind. She could put work aside for my day in-house. And because every week was different, my flexibility came in very handy — we could brainstorm, write, edit, interview or something else.


So was the in-house writer a gardening expert?

Not at all. I do love gardens but I do not have a green thumb, and luckily it didn't matter. My job as VIP's in-house writer was to interview the right person at VIP in order to get the expert information from them, then write it up for the blog posts or the web pages. The gardening expertise already in-house coupled with the writing expertise that I brought in-house was the perfect match.