Does your website need a checkup?

Posted on 12th August 2021 by Karen

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How long since you’ve had a really close look at your website? Maybe it’s time for a checkup. A website checkup is a 90 minute session where we take a really good look at your website, see what’s working and what is not. Often, websites can be easily improved with some simple tweaks and changes and I am a bit of a fan of the saying ‘Don’t throw out the baby with the bathwater’ so if it’s worth fixing, let’s do it. I love recycling!


But what if it’s really broken?

If your website is really old or just not worth fixing, I can still help you. We’ll come up with a site plan plus a plan of action, and if you like, I can recommend some good web developers, depending on what you need and your budget. But for now, let’s chat about a website checkup…

My own surprise website checkup

I wasn’t really planning a website checkup for myself, but it all started with an innocent question from a business coach which began a chain reaction. A meeting with my web developer, JABA, a revamp and simplification of my home page, adding a hot spot, adding a new Services page, adding my eBook and PayPal, getting rid of 2 pages and replacing them with blog posts, and more. Whew! The branding looks the same but the user experience is smoother. Well worth doing.

Techie genius from the gurus at JABA

Now, I’m a wordsmith. I’m not techie at all, so I make sure that I surround myself with people who are. Adrian and his team at JABA not only build awesome websites but they are really into everything Google. (Personally, I think Adrian is actually a bit obsessive, but that’s ok with me :) JABA keep up to date on the latest, including some very cool, eye-tracking research from the U.S. (who are way ahead of us here in Australia). They then dumb it down to layman’s terms and give me the most important bits so I can understand it and share this info with my clients.

What the latest research says

In one meeting with JABA about tweaking my website, I learnt about hotspots, the best place for a menu, the dead spot for a menu, how to better arrange the elements on a page and the 2 big things that REALLY ANNOY people on websites!

What we’ll focus on for your website checkup

Obviously, every website is different but there are some basic things we’ll look at and questions we’ll ask… 

  • Is it really clear who you are? what exactly you offer? who you’re talking to?
  • Is your website easy to use? easy to navigate? is it easy to find things?
  • Does it look appealing? or is it a bit out of date? (2/3 of people won’t like that)
  • What’s the load time? Too long? People will click off!
  • Do you have enough words for Google? Too many words for people?
  • Is your information well-written, original, unique content that Google will love?
  • Is your information in the right place? in a format that’s easy to read?
  • Is imagery taking up valuable real estate? What’s ‘above the fold’?
  • Is your menu in the best place for today’s user? (yes, this has changed!)
  • And, last but not least — there are 2 things on a website that ANNOY people enough for them to click off — do you have them on your website?
  • BONUS — you'll also get a free copy of my eBook, Better Advertising in 1 Hour plus my mini web masterplan, which will help you work out what to put on where on your website. 

Ok, so what makes ME so good at website checkups, anyway?

I have a few quirky personality traits that some, mean-spirited people could call ‘flaws’. To my great joy, I have discovered that these so-called ‘flaws’ make me really good at these checkups!

  1. I’m impatient — you want your website to load fast (you have 3 seconds!)
  2. I’m not intuitive — don’t make me guess what to click on, make it obvious
  3. I’m easily overwhelmed — too much happening makes me confused. Keep It Simple (also my #1 writing tip). That way I can work out what to focus on.

Contact me for a website checkup 

People these days are in a hurry. Let’s make sure your website is looking good and working well for you — so that once they find you, they stay for a while, take a good look around, and then decide to do business with YOU rather than with one of your competitors. Let’s chat. Contact me today.

WEBSITE CHECKUP SPECIAL – $100 off for the month of September. Now $197 for the first 5 people to book in. Please contact me