Are you hiding your light under a bushel?

Posted on 8 July 2021 by Karen


When I start working with a new client, helping them with web content writing or a web review, one of the first things I ask them is…

How are you different to your competition?

Some clients will say that it’s their experience, or their expertise, their passion or dedication. Well, that’s nice but their competition can easily say that too. And those things are difficult to measure. You need to get specific.

Other clients can’t think of anything! So I keep asking questions and do a bit of digging. Because I believe EVERY client has a Unique Selling Point. We just need to find it. Sometimes, these Unique Selling Points (USPs) are overlooked because they’re just part of the furniture, have always been offered, or we just take them for granted.

Don’t take your USPs for granted

It’s only after digging a bit that I might find out that my client offers a unique product or service. Or that they do things differently in some way. Or they’re a family business. Or they’re SA born and bred with lots of local knowledge while everyone else is from interstate.

A few years ago, my website fell off page 1 of Google

Well, after I panicked, it was time for me to not only get a new website built that worked better for me, but to look at my growing competition — those Adelaide copywriters then sitting above me on page 1 — and ask myself ‘what do they have that sets them apart?’ and then do the same for myself.

Of course, I’d done that exercise 20 years ago — and a few times since — but things change a lot over 2 decades! Going through the process was a great reminder for me that a website is organic. You need to keep tweaking, adding content, keeping it alive and up to date, because otherwise you could get left behind. Especially with the pace of everything online today.

Oops! I wasn’t highlighting my own USPs

I was just as guilty as my clients! So, it was time to show up. I realised that being around for over 20 years was a big deal. So I put it front and centre on my website so people could see that. As far as I knew, no other Adelaide copywriter had been around for that long. Or if they had, they weren’t telling anyone about it. Because that’s another thing — if someone else DOES have the same selling point as you, but they aren’t TELLING anyone about it, it might as well not exist. You can name it and claim it as your own.

Need help finding your Unique Selling Point?

When you’re so close to your business because you live and breathe it, it’s hard to stand back and see things anew. That’s where I can help. I’m a fresh pair of eyes, a sounding board, a devil’s advocate — the perfect person to help you dig until we uncover your Unique Selling Point.

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