Free 1 Hour Webinar - Page 1 of Google

Posted on 26th August 2021 by Karen

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Your secret weapon to help you get on Page 1 of Google. Good writing.

Many people underestimate how important good writing on your website is — not just to your prospective customers but to Google. Your website might be very pretty but Google can’t see pretty — Google wants words.

Writing Tips

In this webinar, I will share with you some very simple, but very powerful writing tips from my eBook which will help Google love your website and rank it more highly. Higher ranking = more visitors = more customers = more money for you! Now, nobody should be promising that you can get on Page 1 of Google, but I’ve done it and I’ve helped more than one of my clients do it too. Maybe I can help you, too!

Webinar breakdown

I know you're busy. So, here's a list of the major points in the talk so you can go straight to whatever you want to hear about most... 

About Copy with Cream and copywriting      0:01
Google loves good writing                                  5:30
Overview of the talk                                             6:40
Good writing – why bother?                               10:10
Falling off Page 1                                                   14:50
How many words does Google want?            16:15
More Page 1 stories                                              17:50
What to write?                                                      22:40
5 writing tips                                                         23:15
Action plan                                                            28:20
How Copy with Cream can help you              31:30
Q&A                                                                         35:45
75pg eBook – Better Advertising in 1 Hour    39:10
Communication Formula                                   42:35
How Copy with Cream works with a client   45:10
The importance of the About page                46:10


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