Don’t disappear in the lean times

Posted on 24 April 2020 by Karen

Loads of businesses are doing it tough right now. I get that — my business has taken a hit, too. But no matter how tough it is, if you want to be trading on the other side of this, it’s important for you to keep your name out there, somehow. Here’s a very old story that demonstrates why, brilliantly…

How Johnnie Walker kept on walking

During prohibition in America, 1920-1933, Johnnie Walker kept on advertising. The company got laughed at — Why bother? You can’t sell your products right now! What a waste of money! But the company was focused on the future. When prohibition was lifted, guess which drink was top of mind? Johnnie Walker. Sales skyrocketed.

The lesson is — you need a presence
You don’t have to spend mega-bucks and you don’t have to be everywhere. Focus on where your target audience is, and make sure you have a presence. If you need help with this, give us a yell.