Image thanks to Shane Gill of KIK, Adelaide

Offline marketing? What a novel idea!

Posted on 12/4/2018 by Karen

With the advent of everything online, it’s easy to forget about the old-school ways of doing things. But that could be a big mistake.

Of course, there is always a tendency to flock to the new and the sexy, and with the rise and rise of social media you have a helluva lot to choose from. But don’t overlook the tried and tested ways of marketing your business. Signage and direct marketing are just two ways that an Adelaide freelance designer is attracting new clients to his business.

Traffic = cars, not just website visitors

One of the freelance designers I work with is Shane Gill of Kik Online Design, a freelance designer who specialises in print, web and video. Shane lives in the Adelaide suburbs on a road that sees quite a lot of traffic as people commute to and from work during the week. He thought this was an opportunity. Hence the signage. Obviously it wouldn’t work for everybody, for example, me — I live on a no-through road.

Direct mail is an important part of his marketing mix

Shane has also given a lot of thought to exactly who he wants to work with. With thousands of designers and web developers in Adelaide  there’s quite a bit of competition. So how do you differentiate yourself? By choosing and then focusing on one particular industry sector that seems to be overlooked by others. An industry sector that…

  1. You know a lot about
  2. Really needs your help
  3. Can afford your services
  4. May be perceived as ‘unsexy’ by others, and so is therefore
  5. Under-serviced.

KIK has done exactly that. Shane’s got a list and he’s working it. Sending out a letter and a brochure by snail-mail, which not only explains, but effectively demonstrates exactly what he does and how he can help them.

Snail mail! Simple really

Old-school? Definitely. Worthwhile? Without a doubt. And these days, snail mail has the added benefit of really standing out from the crowd — because there is no crowd. Everyone is online.

Snail mail has worked well for me, too. Back in 1999, I sent an Adelaide family business a thankyou letter, letting them know about the amazing service I’d experienced at one of their stores. Along with the letter, I popped in a very simple little brochure I’d designed. Then I forgot all about it — until I received a phone call from them 18 months later. They wanted to know if I could help them with the newsletter they wanted to start up. Yes, I could!

The family business was Haigh’s Chocolates and that was the start of a great working relationship that continued for over 10 years.

So, are you possibly missing out on potential business because you haven’t thought about offline advertising or marketing for a while? If so, please get in touch and let’s see how we can create some new business for you.