Three ways to double your sales

Posted on 16/09/2015 by Karen

Berocca has been around for decades, well-known for making you feel better after you’ve had a big night out on the town. I’m sure most of us have popped a Berocca into a glass of water and watched it fizz then drunk it down in an attempt to get rid of a hangover… more than once. But have you noticed the new Berocca ads on TV?



They very cleverly reposition the product completely

Someone smart at Berocca Headquarters (or their ad agency) has decided to market Berocca as something you need — not after a big night — but in preparation for a big day. Most of us would say that we’ve many more big days than big nights, so sales would probably more than double. Because according to them, you now need a Berocca every day.

How they doubled shampoo sales

Many years ago, someone decided to tell us that one shampoo is not enough to get your hair clean. We need two. Really? You be the judge. Necessary or a clever con?

How they doubled toothpaste sales

According to Todd Sampson of Gruen Transfer, their agency came up with a very simple idea to double toothpaste sales. Make the hole bigger so people automatically squeeze more out. Amazing the things we consumers fall for!

So, how can you double your sales?

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