Kochie delivered at Adelaide Convention Centre

Posted on 24/06/2015 by Karen

When I was invited to go to the Convention Centre for Tuesday 23 June to hear Kochie speak about small business, I said yes. There was a wait list but I eventually got in. Now, as a small business person I have gone to a million talks, networking events, etc over the years. Some memorable, most not, many a big big waste of time. So I was curious to see which category this one would fit into.

All the speakers were brilliant

Kochie spoke about the challenges to small business. He had a lot of good things to say and case studies to talk about, and from the photos being taken of the screens and the notes being written down, I am sure that everybody there took away some great ideas. The main takeaway messages for me were about having a mentor and about staying open to continuous learning.

Argo is much more than just a coffee shop

This was a theme that was reinforced by Daniel Milky from Argo on The Parade, another speaker at the event. I really liked his saying… ‘When you’re green, you’re growing… when you’re ripe, you rot.” Daniel’s approach to creating much more than a coffee shop was really inspiring. If you aren’t familiar with Argo, google them and check out what they’re up to.

Edible Blooms owner leaves ego at the door

Edible Blooms owner Kelly Baker-Jamieson spoke about out-of-the-box marketing ideas and how she dressed up as a strawberry to hand out flyers. Actually, she spoke about a lot more than that, but as someone who works in advertising and is constantly trying to push my clients out of their comfort zone to help them stand out from the crowd, I just loved hearing those stories.

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