How a business coach nearly ruined a business

Posted on 16/09/2015 by Karen

I was talking to a client of mine who was in a spot of bother. She wanted me to help her rewrite most of the pages on her website. Why? Because her business coach had helped her with some extra content, but once it was uploaded, her SEO (Search Engine Optimization) guy told her…

She’s on Google’s hitlist

Why? It turns out that this ‘business coach’ had just copied content from a whole stack of other websites. Copied! Straight out copied! Word for word! I was gob-smacked. In case you didn’t know, Google is hot on plagiarism. Hotter than your fussiest highschool teacher. Hotter than Year 12 examiners. Google knows if you have content on your site that’s the same as another site.

Your rankings will be affected

Chances are, you won’t list anywhere near page 10 let alone page 1. And, just like an ex, Google has a very good memory and takes a long time to forgive. Fixing up the mess is a long and arduous process.

Make sure your web content is unique

One of the first and most important — and most overlooked — steps in creating a good website is by creating good content. The best way to do this is by writing it from scratch. In your own words. Because Google loves original content. Well-written, relevant content. Good grammar. With no spelling mistakes. Yes, seriously, Google really is that fussy.

Need some help with content?

If you need some tips creating good content, give me a call. If you have no money, check out my eBook. 17 bucks and a few hours of your hard work could make a massive difference to your website rankings. As for ripping off content from other websites? Don’t take the chance. You might have got away with having a look over your classmate’s shoulder in highschool, but Google is like Big Brother. Always watching.

Oh, and that business coach?

I told my client she had a case for getting her money back. Sorry. No. Turns out he ‘has a disclaimer…’ Wow. Hope he sleeps well at night, ripping off content and ripping off his clients.