Is ‘On The Run’ a bit of a misnomer?

Posted on 23/10/2014 by Karen

I have completely lost count of the number of people who have had a whinge to me about trying to buy petrol. About having to stand in a big long queue at the petrol station, behind a whole ton of people who seem to want to do their grocery shopping or are waiting to get their coffee made… when all THEY want to do is just PAY for their PETROL and get OUTTA there. The same thing happens to me. Regularly.

So, the last time it did, when I finally got to the front of the queue after about 5 minutes, I thought I’d mention it to the guy behind the counter. Our conversation went sorta like this…

Me: “Hi there. Now, I know you’re probably not the person who makes all the decisions around here, but is it worth thinking about having an express lane for people who only wanna buy petrol? Kinda like the supermarket’s do?”
Him: LOL. Yes, he actually, really, laughed out loud. Then he said… “That’s not part of the On The Run mantra.”
Me: “Hmmm… that’s funny. I’m not sure if that really helps those of us who are On The Run.”

Now, I understand that they make stacks of money from people who are buying all that other stuff and getting that coffee made, but when it comes at the cost of good service to others, I’m not sure that’s a good thing. But I guess when you’re one of the big boys, you can make your own rules.