It’s harder than ever to promote your business using Facebook

Posted on 24/06/2014 by Karen

Personally, I’ve never been a big Facebook fan (too old, not my thing, I find it too distracting). I don’t use it for my personal life because I like the phone. Mum always told me that everyone flings the ‘friend’ word around when they’re really ‘acquaintances’. And that was 30 years ago, before Facebook boy was born! And I do love that quote I read somewhere that went something like ‘‘Yeah. You’ve got 600 facebook friends but who’s gonna help you move?’’ Exactly.

Being business to business (B2B) I don’t use facebook for my marketing and I have felt like a pretty lone voice in the wilderness about this. Until recently. Research seems to be popping up to support my point of view. For example, here’s an article on my SEO guy’s website that I think is really worth reading.

Now don’t get me wrong

I’m not saying Facebook doesn’t work for anyone. I know business owners who have used Facebook to grow their business, and one of my workshop participants a few years ago said ALL her clients come from facebook. She was an interior designer. Target audience — female, 30-45? Perfect. Because it’s all about the strategy. Here are my tips for working out what you should use for your social media marketing.

  1. Is your target audience using it? (if you don’t know who your target audience is, you need to get clear on that)
  2. Is it your ‘thing’? (i.e. do you love it, does it sit well with your business model)
  3. Do you have the time and expertise to do a good job of it? (if not, pay someone else who knows what they’re doing, or just forget about it)

Social media panic

I’m noticing a lot of social media panic in the last couple of years. Everyone seems to be running around trying to do everything. You can’t. Who’s got the time? Not small business owners for sure. Try and choose one or 2 things that work for your business and stick to it. It’s far better to do a couple of things well than a lot of things badly.