When choosing popular talent backfires

Posted on 23/10/2014 by Karen


I seem to be seeing a helluva lot of Miranda Kerr lately. Not in person, just her face.
On EVERYthing. From Swarzkopf hair colour to Clear Shampoo to Royal Albert china to Swarovski crystal to her own brand of skincare, Kora, it’s all making me a bit dizzy. (Actually, I just saw her Reebok ad online, so actually, yes a bit more than her face…lol) I forgot to mention Victoria’s Secret and David Jones… anyway…

I think the main winner here is Miranda, rather than the brands. Because I’m just getting to the stage where I see her face and think ‘Now what?’ Having a brand spokesperson that is beautiful, talented, well-known or well-liked is a wonderful thing but surely, sharing them with too many other brands can only dilute the message.