Tongue in cheek humour works

Posted on 26/11/2013 by Karen


I was in town the other month and couldn’t help but notice this banner up on the Stag Hotel at Adelaide’s East End. Very witty, sticks in the mind and perfect for their target audience, which appears to be guys who like their steak. It’s extremely topical as well, with all the healthy vegan, vego, gluten-free options being touted by more and more eateries lately, it’s refreshing to see an establishment who knows who they are, is sticking to their roots and proudly declaring “This is us and if you don’t like it, that’s ok. Go eat somewhere else.”

Because you can’t please everybody

The Stag Hotel are clearly in touch with their target audience and not trying to be everything to everyone. Which is the big mistake a lot of businesses make — trying to please everybody, capture everyone out there. It’s impossible. The main problem a lot of (especially new) businesses make is trying to be everything to everybody. Which is guaranteed to send you out of business fast. As somebody once said to me “The riches is in the niches.” Know your niche.