Thankyou voucher gets extra traffic into store

Posted on 26/11/2013 by Karen

I happen to spend a lot of money at a particular chemist, because they’re a compounding pharmacy and close to home. A couple months ago, I was pleasantly surprised to receive a $20 voucher from them, to spend on non-pharmaceutical items at their store.

Good tactic

It got me into their shop and looking at items I didn’t normally, because I’d previously thought of them only as a ‘necessity’ stop, just for medication.

Sending your big-spending or regular customers a voucher is a very cost-effective way to show appreciation of their custom — because who doesn’t like to be appreciated! Because it was unexpected, it was a nice surprise and I’ve told quite a few people about it. Including you. What would have make it even better is including a little card or With Compliments slip saying “Hey Karen! Thanks for choosing Trevor White Chemist.”

If you have a database of your customers, it might be worth considering doing something like this. Don’t forget to put an expiry date on the voucher, to create urgency and action. And don’t forget the With Compliments slip.