Killer headline

Posted on 15/12/2013 by Karen


I was at a networking event last week and we all had name tags. The second I saw the name tag on the man at the table, I asked him if he was the one who’d written that brilliant headline on the window of his business. Yes, it was him. The headline is pretty simple.

Your wife rang and said “It’s OK!!!”

The man in question was the owner of Pacific Marine, a business that sells boats. It’s smack-bang on the corner of Tapleys Hill Road and Old Port Road. The prefect location for the big showroom windows, because you usually get caught at the traffic lights. So he has a captive audience.

He listened to his clients

Tim says he’s been using that line for at least 5 years. Everybody comments on it, everybody loves it. I love it for a few reasons:

  1. It’s funny. People love to laugh.
  2. It’s got great recall. I don’t fish and don’t ever plan to own a boat but some of my friends do and Pacific Marine is ‘top of mind’ if boats ever come up in conversation. Or if I see a nametag with their business name on it.
  3. It proves my theory, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.” Too many people chop and change their message when it’s still working well for them.
  4. He got the idea by listening to his clients.  He kept hearing his potential (male) customers saying…“I’ll have to go home and ask the wife…”

Quite often in my coaching or brainstorming sessions, it’s not me that comes up with the killer line, it’s me that hears it come out of my client’s mouth and recognises it as the perfect line. Listening to your clients will help you write your advertising.