At last, Telstra made the change

Posted on 31/10/2012 by Karen

Earlier this year, Telstra came out with a new-look invoice which they trumpeted about, which I thought was actually not a very good new look at all. Because while the amount you had to pay was BIG, the due date was the same size as the rest of the information and did not stand out at all. I call this ‘wallpaper’ design. Well, they have recently modified their new-look invoice without any trumpeting at all. Note the difference in the size of the text for the due date.

I’m actually pretty chuffed because I had a big rant about this a while ago and also made the effort to tell Telstra that I predicted they were going to have problems with people not being able to find the due date easily. Because surely, I couldn’t be the only one! At the time, they were very polite on the phone when I called them about it but they just didn’t get it.

So, either someone from Telstra has now read my February blog New look Telstra bill — pretty but not practical or they got sick of people complaining, or their late payments skyrocketed and finally someone high up in their accounts department took note. As much as I would like to think my blog is amazingly influential, my money’s on number 3. So, the moral of the story is… make sure that the important bits of information on your invoice or brochure or website or letter or email are the right size or coloured or bolded or underlined or something, so that they will effectively catch your customer’s eye.