An oldie but a goodie

Posted on 14/12/2012 by Karen

I was in the car yesterday, listening to the radio for a change, and was pleasantly surprised and amused to hear the old Aeroplane Jelly jingle come on. As you can imagine, the cut-through of this famous Australian jingle that dates from 1938 is amazing. I love it when a business stays true to their heritage.

Perhaps it’s because of the nostalgia factor. Psychologists are quick to tell us our memory is skewed because we seem to look back at ‘the good old days’ with rose-coloured glasses. Whatever the reason, I’m always telling my clients ‘if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it’ as many people are too eager to switch and change and modernise for the sake of it in case they get left behind. Keep it till it doesn’t work any more.

With the call to action in the Aeroplane Jelly radio ad being to jump on their website and download their recipes so you can have a great trifle at Xmas, Aeroplane Jelly is a good example of how to adopt new technology while staying true to your roots.

And speaking of old, I prefer the old signage at my local shops. Somehow I find that many of the new logos are looking a bit too clinical…