A very good use of guilt

Posted on 14/12/2012 by Karen

While passing my local health store, I was very amused to see their sign out the front, and immediately reached for my camera. Guilt is one of the ways that advertisers like to motivate their customers into buying but I thought this message took it to a whole new level in a very clever way. Because absolutely nobody could argue with this.

We all know what happens at Christmas. We eat and drink ourselves silly and spend the afternoon either falling asleep on the couch or trying to get more food into us because we have to visit all the rellies and we have to be polite and eat at least something. Either way, Christmas is the perfect time to sell a detox product. And they can get a double-whammy in because then there’s after Christmas. And let’s not forget New Year’s Eve. Which is traditionally the perfect time to make people feel guilty right when they’re making all those lovely resolutions.