Rundle Mall Plaza bus boo-boo

Posted on 10/07/2011 by Karen

Amazing how many times ‘every day’ is made into one word when it is supposed to be two words. Rundle Mall Plaza did it – very large too – you can’t miss the back of a bus! Hey, I guess if you’re gonna make a boo-boo make it BIG. But they’re not the only ones by any means. The banks do it. The supermarkets do it too.

Everyday is one word when something is an ‘everyday occurrence’…because it happens every day.  Right now you might be saying to yourself ‘big bloody deal’, and sure it’s not a life-threatening mistake. But there are still many people around who know their English, grammar, punctuation etc. and we get annoyed. It just makes a business look sloppy. But hey, at least they got the apostrophe right…