Don’t get silly with your advertising claims

Posted on 13/04/2011 by Karen

I cracked up laughing when I saw this van. It started well… Good name. Clear logo with nice strong branding that makes it look a bit like an ambulance. Good colours. Clear call to action and a 1300 number. But then I read the tagline. Some people call it a ‘slogan’. Their tagline says ‘The plumbers who will amaze you!’

How? Do they do magic? Do they have their trousers designed not to show their plumber’s crack? Will they arrive on time? Will they not charge me plumber’s rates? How will they amaze me????

Sorry, I just think it sounds silly. However, it might work for them. They might get people calling them up to ask. They might get people writing blogs about them. Any attention is good attention…right? Maybe…