BREAKAWAY – ‘noice logo’

Posted on 08/04/2011 by Karen

Getting very excited about the back of a van sounds a bit weird but there are
SO many times I’m taking photos of bad examples, I’m really ecstatic when I
see a good one!!!

This is a great example of really good signage, for a number of reasons. Firstly, the word Breakaway is a great name for a business because it says what it does. If you have a business name like this, you’re doing well. So many businesses have obscure names that really don’t help get the message across about what it is that they do. That’s when you see people get carried away about creating taglines or ‘slogans’ as they call them.

The second great thing about Breakaway is the design of the logo. The typography is a visual explanation of what these guys do. Crack up your
concrete. Very simple. Very effective. Deceptively simple, in fact.

The best logos and graphic design is just that. Deceptively simple. You look
at it and think ‘oh, I coulda done that…’ What you don’t see is the 20 or 50 or
100 doodles that it took to get to that very simple design. I tell my small
business clients that it’s worth finding the money to get a graphic designer to
come up with a good logo for you rather than doing it yourself. Just coz you
can, doesn’t mean you should…