Better branding for your business

Posted on 05/12/2010 by Karen

People are visual creatures, and you only get one chance to make a first impression. Your branding could be killing your business.

Branding is not just about sticking your logo all over the place, however, having a strong logo is a good place to start. Now, see these 2 photos? Different signage for the same business, with different logos and colours on each. Which one should it be? I don’t know. And they were on the same shop!

I usually work with small business and it’s very easy to point the finger at the person who jumps on their computer and does their own thing. But really, I’m not just pointing my finger at small business with this – the big guys get it wrong too.

In the 90s I worked overseas for an international advertising agency. One of our clients was an international bank whose logo at the time was blue and white. Err…at least it usually was blue and white. Except in one instance when the client decided they didn’t like blue. They wanted pink. Despite the account manager going apoplectic and just about turning purple trying to stop them, the press ad went ahead with their logo in pink. True story.

If you want help with your branding, it’s a good idea to use a graphic designer and let them help you create a great look for your business. And if you have no budget, and want to DIY, check out my e-book at – it could just save you getting into strife.