When’s the best time to send your email or e-newsletter?

Not first thing in the morning. Because that’s the time we all log on and go through our inbox, sift through all our emails and try to get rid of as many as possible to see what’s left that we absolutely have to deal with before we can start our ‘proper’ work for the day. I reckon the best time to send it is about an hour or so after that big influx. It’s highly likely to arrive on its own and will have much more chance of getting read. That’s if you get the subject right.

Getting the subject of your email right is critical!
It’s the headline. Like an ad in the paper, if you don’t get the headline right, you might as well not bother — your email is not going to be read. I can’t believe the number of emails I get that have NOTHING in the subject matter. Or something that’s vague, or misspelt. You’ve really got no chance.

Get the name of the sender right
I once missed an important email from my financial adviser despite the fact that they had a big red PRIORITY exclamation mark there. Why? Because they didn’t have the name of their business as part of the email address of the sender. I thought it was spam, so I deleted it. Luckily they rang me to follow up a couple weeks later. I advised them why I’d ignored it, and suggested they change it because I’d put money on the fact that I was not the only one chucking it in my spam file. They took it on board and said they’d change it. Good idea.

Don’t bore your reader with ‘wallpaper’
Wallpaper. That’s what I call reams and reams and reams of unbroken text. It all looks the same, like wallpaper. Groan… we all suffer from information overload these days. Don’t add to it. If you’re lucky enough to get your email opened, the LAST thing you want to do is lose your reader because you haven’t broken up your text. If you’re going to all the trouble of creating and sending emails to your database, go to a bit of extra effort and make them well-designed and interesting. And if you’re having trouble with that, please give me a call. It’s what I do.

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