Sometimes the original really is the best

You may or may not have noticed but it seems that Hungry Jack’s burgers are better again. Hungry Jack’s famous tagline (slogan) “The burgers are better at Hungry Jack’s” that we’ve grown up with was ditched in 2011 after doing the job quite well (or so I thought) for 16 years. The time of the ditching coincided with a new advertising agency winning the account. Well, surprise, surprise.

It appeared that the old tagline had “become a limitation for the brand” and a new tagline was needed to “reflect health changes.” In other words, if Macca’s were tossing salads around, Hungry Jack’s felt that they had to keep up. The new tagline lasted about 2 years before they reverted to the original.

Being of the “if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it” school of thought, I’ve written about this previously and Hungry Jack’s aren’t the only culprits, by any means. VB resurrected their famous “For a hard-earned thirst” after 2 years trying something else that obviously didn’t work. What it really comes down to is knowing what your product strengths are, getting clear on who your target audience is, and creating advertising to suit. Because trying to be everything to everybody is surely the fast road to failure.

One product that I wish would change its tagline back to something else is Maltesers. “The lighter way to enjoy chocolate” just doesn’t roll off the tongue at all. I seem to remember a previous slogan of theirs being “Have a ball” but despite some searching, I can’t find it on Google, so it must not exist, lol. Or maybe I’m mixing it up with another product. In case you know the answer, please do email me and let me know. Thanks. karen 🙂

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