Sending out mixed messages

You might be right with me when I say that one of my pet dislikes is tail-gaters. One was sitting right on my butt the other day, jumping from lane to lane to see how he could possibly get ahead. Despite my recent meditation class, he was really starting to bug me but once he’d passed me in the other lane, I just had to burst out laughing. Signwriting on the side of his car declared “Counselling and Conflict Management”. Now, I could only assume the car had been stolen as the driver had obviously never attended such a course, let alone presented one! This was a classic case of sending out mixed messages. 

And here’s another one. While the number-plate on this vehicle might be very appropriate to their business, I’m not at all sure that it’s sending out the right message to their target audience. Besides that, followers of the Law of Attraction would have a problem with it too. According to that law, it’s extremely important that you focus your attention on what you want, rather than what you don’t…

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