It’s ok — your wife isn’t here!


Being a writer, I tend to read absolutely everything. So when I saw this sign on King William Road at Hyde Park, I just had to pull over, park my car, walk back, and check it out. With all the political correctness of the world, there seem to be fewer places that men or women can escape from the other sex. Because sometimes we just need to. If you don’t believe me, please refer to John Gray’s classic book, ‘Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus’. Not to be confused with 50 Shades of Grey, his advice is pretty black and white — a man needs his cave.

My dad and my ex had their shed, but with more and more work being outsourced to VIP or Hire-a-Hubby these days, and backyards getting smaller and smaller, the shed has almost become extinct. So where can a guy go to get away? The barber.

Robbie’s Chop Shop has got it sorted. When I popped my head in to ask if I can take some photos, it was full of men waiting to get in the chair. A totally female-free zone. Which I have to say was a lot quieter than my hairdresser ever was. Not sure if that’s because I stuck my head in, but I suspect it’s probably pretty nice and quiet anyway.

Barber3 Barber2 barber4





The witty words on the A-frame and on the door get the message across in a cheeky way. The big bike parked out the front is probably another great ploy to get attention from blokes driving past. From what I can see, the combination seems to be working.


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One Response to It’s ok — your wife isn’t here!

  1. Shane Gill says:

    Ya, a man’s gotta have his sanctuary. And I’m impressed you stopped, backed up and took the piccys. Well done!