Is your Google Ranking Tanking?

Regular readers of my blog may remember an article called ‘Thou Shalt Not Steal’.  I wrote it about nicking logos but it applies to words as well. It’s never been a good idea to cut and paste copy from someone else’s site and then stick it on your own.
Number 1, it’s against the law – copyright is automatically allocated to the author of the text, at least in Australia. Number 2, it’s just not good form. Besides, why would you want your content to sound like everybody else’s? Number 3, it’s bad karma. And now, to the one that’s getting everybody’s knickers in a knot… Number 4… Google Penguin.

Because stealing? Who cares?
Good form? That’s a bit old-fashioned isn’t it?
Karma? Don’t believe in it..?

Well, Number 4, Google Penguin is like that teacher who raps you on the knuckles when they catch you cheating
off the kid next to you in a test. Google Penguin loves original content and will penalize any website it reckons has content that is poor quality, irrelevant, duplicated or downright stolen from somewhere else. Don’t take the risk.
Yes, creating your own original content does take time but it is well worth it. And surely your business deserves to present itself in the best light.

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