How Monica the gardener got more work

A friend of mine, Monica, used to be a gardener. She didn’t spend much money on advertising, in fact hardly anything. Every time she wanted a bit more work, she placed an ad in the Services Directory at the back of her local newspaper. However, there were quite a few gardeners in there, so how did she get her 3 line ad to stand out from the others? By understanding her target audience. She knew that most of her clients were little old ladies who lived on their own. They were naturally cautious about who they let into their home. So ‘Female gardener’ was a big selling point.

And she ran her ad for 3 weeks. Now, whether people liked to see the ad appearing regularly to make sure it was genuine, or whether they just took a while to think about it, then hunted through the next week’s paper to find it again, I’m not sure. But 3 weeks did it, every time. By understanding how your ideal customer thinks, you too can work out how to find them more easily. Without spending a bucket of money.

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