Google Penguin decimates website rankings

The headlines are dire – everybody’s panicking! It’s the end of the world…but is this just another case of the internet rumourmill working overtime? I think Google Penguin is a great idea. And here’s why…

Google rankings rely on a number of algorithms and the formula is a very closely guarded secret. Now, being a copywriter and ‘a creative’, I’m the first to admit I’m no SEO expert — but I do know one. My SEO guy lives and breathes Google. Peter Cornish from Succinct Ideas ( gets very excited by columns of numbers, algorithms, graphs and the like. And according to Peter, Google Penguin is very good news
for people who don’t cheat.

The way that he has explained it to me, Google Penguin is seriously strict on websites with web spam. Which in non-techy speak simply means ‘non-original content’. Google Panda started the web spam vendetta, and now Google Penguin is taking is one step further. Which means if you have written the content on your website from scratch (like me) then you are free and clear. The more original content you have, the more Google Penguin will
love you and you won’t risk getting ranking penalties.

This is good news! This means that if other dudes have copied and pasted stuff from all over the place to slap together a site, then their ranking will go down dramatically. Leaving Ranking Number 1 up there for you to grab.

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