Creating a character for your brand

You may have read a previous blog called ‘Don’t do ugly’ about not showing nasty things in ads because people don’t want to look at them? And you might be thinking ‘ok, so what else can I do to attract attention?’ Well, there are many ways you can go, and one method that works particularly well is humour. People love to have a laugh, they like to feel good, and if your advertising makes them laugh, chances are they’ll remember you and your product.

While writing that previous blog, about people not liking ‘yucky’ images including spiders, cockroaches etc, I was reminded of the old Louie The Fly ads. Mortein created a character and used humour to get the message across. Over the decades, old Louie became an institution. (50 years ago, who would have thought that Louie would have his own facebook page one day!)

In a similar way, the people at Termimesh have created a termite character. I notice he’s animated on their website, and if I’m going to the city, I often wave back to the larger-than-life character outside their office at Goodwood Road, Wayville. Now, I have no idea if Termimesh is who I would go with if I needed termite control, but they would definitely be on my short list because they are so top of mind. And it’s their character who’s done that.

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