Business directory a Bright idea

My local MP is David Speirs, Member for Bright who is championing small business in his electorate. He’s very proactively come up with the idea of a business directory for the local shop, professional, tradie etc. and is calling for expressions of interest from business owners who would be interested in placing an ad in the directory.


It’s a great way for us all to support local business
While it’s not the place for me to advertise (nobody’s going to be looking for a copywriter in a directory, they will be looking on Google) I think it’s a fantastic idea for the type of business whose customers are locals.

Very good value for money
The directory is going to be distributed to 13,000 local households in Bright. That’s a lot of potential customers! And it’s the kind of thing that people will hang onto for quite a while. Which means longer life for your ad. There’s only room for 100 businesses in the Bright business directory, so if you or anyone you know lives in the area and wants some great value for their advertising dollar, register your interest soon.


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