The best advertising I’ve seen in a while

Advertising isn’t always about flogging stuff. Sometimes it’s about getting a life-and-death message across to the general public. This television commercial for CFS, SA Country Fire Service, does it brilliantly.

Strong visual? Use simple words
When the visual is so strong, you don’t need strong words, they would just fight with the imagery. The best words to use are simple ones, or none at all, as in this case. There are no spoken words. None are needed.

A classic love song used well
The 30 second TVC uses simple imagery of a country town, and dramatic footage of out of control bush fires. For the sound track, we hear a young female voice wistfully singing the 1970 classic love song, Our House from Crosby Stills Nash and Young.

I think it’s genius
The shocking contrast between the vision of the raging bush fires and the gentle rendition of that sweet little love song just stops you in your tracks. I think this ad really cuts through all the ‘noise’ and I very much hope it works.

May your Christmas and summer holidays be happy and safe. Karen.



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One Response to The best advertising I’ve seen in a while

  1. Shane Gill says:

    Yes, a short but powerful video!