Are you offended?

One of my clients and blog readers sent me an email last month about an TV commercial that he finds offensive. Here’s a link to the ad…

And here’s what he had to say… “Been having some interesting discussions with people about the overuse (or not) of blaspheming in the new Bank SA campaign. Personally, it drives me insane and seriously turns me off Bank SA. But I was raised strictly never to blaspheme. A reflection on today’s society and/or Bank SA’s target market?”

I, on the other hand, was not offended by that ad at all
I’m not religious and to be honest, I think of it as just a phrase, not blaspheming. I may be wrong, but my experience working with ad agencies leads me to doubt that the writer even considered that anyone would find it offensive. But we’re all individuals with our own point of view and and beliefs and I find it very interesting to hear what other people think. The message I took away from that ad is ‘he’s married an idiot’.

When I brought this topic up with a group of friends, Maxine told me that she makes sure she doesn’t use this phrase when she’s with a particular friend of hers because she knows her friend finds it offensive, as she would this TVC.

But what do you think?
I’d be interested to hear your comments about this. Whether you find this Bank SA ad offensive or not. And if there are any other ads that you do find offensive, please send them in to me. They may be fodder for another post… and another discussion.


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One Response to Are you offended?

  1. Sam says:

    I find it offensive myself, it puts me off. The ad could of carried the same attention grabbing lines without the blaspheming especially considering that South Australians are typically known for being a little more conservative. I would also say the new Bank SA logo is offensive too!! 🙂