Are you accidentally promoting your competition?

In the world of advertising, the first person to use something new and saturate the market with it becomes the unofficial owner of that look or style or approach, at least in their category. For example, who owns red and white in soft drinks? Coke. Who owns yellow and black in banking? The Commonwealth Bank. Who owns ‘We’ll save you’ in finance? Aussie Home Loans.

So you can understand that the instant I saw this car, I thought ‘Toop & Toop’. Now, it was probably about a decade ago that Ian Kidd Design created their breakthrough look which included their now copied-by-everyone bold signage, bright colours plus the word ‘Sold’ in a red circle. I’m not sure if they still use the Sold in a circle as prominently as they used to, but in the beginning Toops used it on everything from their For Sale signs to their vehicle signage.

Now, you could nit-pick and say that the signage on the car in this photo contains a rectangle not a circle and it has a triangle there too, but the overall immediate split-second impression, which happens even before you have time to think, is not at all First National Real Estate, it’s Toop & Toop.

Make sure your look is your own because copying someone else’s can really backfire. If you need help with your image or branding, find a good graphic designer and there are quite a few around. If done well, your redesign or rebranding will work hard for you for many years to come and is well worth the investment.

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