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Why your website needs to be better than ever

There once was a time when simply having a web presence put you way ahead of the pack. But not any more. Today, not only are all your competitors online with a website, your customers’ behaviour has changed as well. According … Continue reading

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How about a question headline?

Sometimes the old tried and true recipe of a question headline is the perfect way to go. Here’s one I prepared earlier… Cricket Lovers (SA), a client of mine was looking to create a handout to attract more members. Over … Continue reading

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Coles get fresh from Woolies

I heard the Coles jingle for the first time the other day…’There’s no freshness like Coles freshness’ and laughed. What the ???? Surely Woolies are the fresh food people, aren’t they? A quick bit of research (on Google) dug up … Continue reading

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Do you really need a tagline?

Many of my clients are keen for me to help them come up with a ‘tagline’ or ‘slogan’ for their business. So what’s a tagline all about? It’s an explanation or summary of what your business is all about. But does … Continue reading

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Don’t look dumb

Spelling, grammar, punctuation… yes, I know it sounds boring but if you can’t spell then please get someone to check your copy. Here are a couple of really obvious mistakes… ‘Have you ever try to say no?’ That’s what the … Continue reading

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