Quiet out there? Make a noise!

Keeping brand awareness high is important to every business. But whenever an election is called, things go a little strange in the business world. People stop spending, hold their breath and wait. I understand the caution but too much cutting back can be detrimental to your business.

The first thing most businesses cut back on tends to be their advertising and marketing — which leaves the field wide open for those who are savvy enough to keep their brand out there in the marketplace so their customers don’t forget them. Customers not spending? They will return. But…

Who will they buy from when they do?
I’ve written about this before in an old blog post but it’s definitely worth repeating. There’s an old story from the U.S. that demonstrates how one company changed the playing field completely, during one of the toughest times in the 20th century…

During Prohibition in the 1920s, you could only buy alcohol on the black market. But despite them not being able to make any sales at all, there was one company who kept advertising. Johnnie Walker. People laughed and told them that they were wasting their money. But Johnnie Walker just kept on advertising. Of course, the law eventually changed and alcohol was able to be sold again, legally. Once people started buying, guess which brand they bought?

The brand that had been kept top of mind.
Johnnie Walker. Because they didn’t cut or stop their advertising, they’d kept their brand alive and visible which enabled them to get ahead of the others and dominate the market when things turned around. Meanwhile, their competition had to start again from scratch.

So yes, I understand that if times are a bit lean, by all means we need to budget — just make sure you don’t disappear. Find smart ways to keep your brand and your message out there, so that the moment things turn around it will be your name that’s top of mind. And in case you need some assistance coming up with clever ideas that don’t have to cost an arm and a leg, please let me know. I’d love to help you. Karen 🙂 0412 322 982


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Writing rules kill freedom of expression

StressedStudentReading Nikki Gemmel’s article in a recent (The Australian) Weekend Magazine, I was fascinated to discover that nothing much seems to have changed. She talked about English teachers marking children down if they used too many exclamation points. Ridiculous!!!!! Her article was a time machine that took me straight back to a moment in primary school.

Actually, two moments. The first was when my grade 2 teacher told me that I needed to change the ending of an essay. In the original version of my story, I was a plane and I had crashed and died. Clearly, as a 7 year old, I had advanced knowledge of reincaranation or resurrection, but no. I did what I was told and changed the story. Then in grade 5, I was told by my teacher that one sentence could not be a paragraph. It had to be two sentences or more. Nowadays, we know better.

It’s obvious that these two landmark moments in my past must have had a big impact on me, in order for me to remember them in such detail. Even though I was a goody-two-shoes and wanted to do my best I could to please my teachers and get a good mark, to please mum and dad, clearly I was also annoyed and frustrated because I thought their logic made no sense.


And perhaps this is why I spend much of my coaching time encouraging my clients to write down whatever comes to them, without censoring themselves. Obviously, they had the same teachers, lol.

Client coaching made a big impact
One client hated the brochure they had written and insisted they were a terrible writer. I thought it wasn’t too bad and just needed a bit of editing. When I asked how many drafts they’d done, they didn’t understand the question. When I explained that writing is a process and Draft 1 is NEVER the finished product, they were so relieved! When I went on to share that in my first advertising agency job, my boss would make me do about 7 drafts of a direct marketing letter before I was even allowed to show the client, they couldn’t believe it.

That client waHappyBusinessmanlked away from my coaching session with a totally different and much more confident attitude towards their writing skills. My job was done.

Now, frequent readers of my facebook posts or my blog will know that I tend to be a bit of a stickler when it comes to spelling, grammar and punctuation. Apostrophes in particular. But when it comes to freedom of expression, I am the first to throw away the rule book. My rule of thumb is this — is it easier to understand? If yes, then do it.

Coaching and writing for your business
If you’d like some coaching to help you write your website, blog articles, brochures, editorial, press releases or just about anything else to do with advertising, please do get in touch with me. I would love to help you. And if you can’t be bothered writing it yourself, and you want an expert to do it for you, happy to do that too. It will be as painless as talking about yourself and your business for as long as you want, and I’ll do the rest.

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How to stand out from the crowd

If there was ever an example of dudes doing something different in order to stand out from the crowd, this was it. On a Saturday morning on my way home from shopping, I saw these two clowns who were going to a helluva lot of effort to get people to come to their garage sale. I was pretty impressed with the amount of trouble they went to and so of course, I couldn’t resist. I just had to stop. I’m a garage sale kinda girl, so I know that most of them are just full of trash rather than treasure, but hey, you never know…


Don’t judge a book by its cover
Looking at their demeanour and their antics, I thought ‘surely there’s not going to be anything worthwhile at this garage sale!’ Judging? Yes. Which we all do. First impressions are important, after all. However, once I went in, I was quite pleasantly surprised. Yes, there was a lot of trash but I did find some treasures in some personal development books including one by Deepak Chopra. Which just goes to show, making a little more effort than the guys with the garage sale down the road will work.

So, how does this translate to your business?
In every way! Most of the small businesses in Adelaide tend to be quite conservative and are a little worried about standing out from the crowd. Now, I’m not saying a crazy hat, a fag hanging out of your mouth, a box on your head and banging pots and pans should be the way to go, but I encourage you to think outside the box 😉 and see if you could be a little more adventurous with your advertising, marketing, promotions etc. After all, if you come across just like the business up the road, why should people shop with you?

If you want to attract more customers, why not book a brainstorming session to find out what you can do to stand out from the crowd. You can contact me via karen@copywithcream.com.au or give me a call on 0412 322 982. I’d love to help you.


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Give me some old-fashioned service

Now for all you people who love your electronic diaries, please just ignore this post. But for anyone else out there who still uses the old-school diary that you actually write in, here’s a story for you.

I like my diary. I love my diary.
It’s my bible — without it, I would be lost. Because I am very forgetful. I also suffer from information overload so I need to colour code the entries so I can ‘see’ what’s going on. My diary has to be A5, hard cover, with white pages (for my Liquid Paper… yes, seriously!!!) a week to view, and the times of the day down the side. As you can see, I’m pretty fussy. So, every year, I go through the same thing. Running around trying to find exactly what I want.

This year, I went to the same place I found my diary last year. Kylie Brown’s Newsagency at the Bayside Shopping Village at Glenelg. They have the best selection — better than the big department stores, better than Officeworks, better than any stationary shop I have visited.

I was there at the stand, hunting through the diaries for exactly the right one (because they all look suspiciously similar at first glance!) when staff member Robyn came over and asked if she could help me. Yes, please. A diary like this one, that I got here last year.

Robyn went through them all quickly, (and there were about 50 or more of them on the stand) then went out the back and found exactly what I needed. She then asked me if I would like her to put my name down in her book so she can order one in for me for the end of next year. Yeay!!! Yes, please! She got out an old-school lined exercise book and wrote in all the details of the diary and my contact details.

Thanks so much for old-fashioned service with a smile and being proactive! Makes life so much easier. So just in case you or your mum or your nanna is old-school, let them know about Kylie Brown’s Newsagency at Glenelg.


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How a business coach nearly ruined a business

I was talking to a client of mine who was in a spot of bother. She wanted me to help her rewrite most of the pages on her website. Why? Because her business coach had helped her with some extra content, but once it was uploaded, her SEO (Search Engine Optimization) guy told her…

She’s on Google’s hitlist
Why? It turns out that this ‘business coach’ had just copied content from a whole stack of other websites. Copied! Straight out copied! Word for word! I was gob-smacked. In case you didn’t know, Google is hot on plagiarism. Hotter than your fussiest highschool teacher. Hotter than Year 12 examiners. Google knows if you have content on your site that’s the same as another site.

Your rankings will be affected
Chances are, you won’t list anywhere near page 10 let alone page 1. And, just like an ex, Google has a very good memory and takes a long time to forgive. Fixing up the mess is a long and arduous process.

Make sure your web content is unique
One of the first and most important — and most overlooked — steps in creating a good website is by creating good content. The best way to do this is by writing it from scratch. In your own words. Because Google loves original content. Well-written, relevant content. Good grammar. With no spelling mistakes. Yes, seriously, Google really is that fussy.

Need some help with content?
If you need some tips creating good content, give me a call. If you have no money, check out my eBook. 17 bucks and a few hours of your hard work could make a massive difference to your website rankings. As for ripping off content from other websites? Don’t take the chance. You might have got away with having a look over your classmate’s shoulder in highschool, but Google is like Big Brother. Always watching.

Oh, and that business coach?
I told my client she had a case for getting her money back. Sorry. No. Turns out he ‘has a disclaimer…’ Wow. Hope he sleeps well at night, ripping off content and ripping off his clients.



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Three ways to double your sales

Berocca has been around for decades, well-known for making you feel better after you’ve had a big night out on the town. I’m sure most of us have popped a Berocca into a glass of water and watched it fizz then drunk it down in an attempt to get rid of a hangover… more than once. But have you noticed the new Berocca ads on TV?

They very cleverly reposition the product completely
Someone smart at Berocca Headquarters (or their ad agency) has decided to market Berocca as something you need — not after a big night — but in preparation for a big day. Most of us would say that we’ve many more big days than big nights, so sales would probably more than double. Because according to them, you now need a Berocca every day.

How they doubled shampoo sales
Many years ago, someone decided to tell us that one shampoo is not enough to get your hair clean. We need two. Really? You be the judge. Necessary or a clever con?

How they doubled toothpaste sales
According to Todd Sampson of Gruen Transfer, their agency came up with a very simple idea to double toothpaste sales. Make the hole bigger so people automatically squeeze more out. Amazing the things we consumers fall for!

So, how can you double your sales?
If you need help working out how to get more of your product or service out there, contact me and book in for a brainstorming session.


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Nice sign. Where is it?

If you’re a regular reader of my blogs, you’d know that I tend to like to take a lot of pictures of signage. The good, the bad and the ugly. I would have thought that it would be obvious that the placement of the sign is as important as the sign itself. I guess I have commented on this when I talk about not putting the whole story on the back of your vehicle. See this blog to read more on that…

Blog — Vehicle signage is tricky

But anyway. The other day, I parked my car across the road from Westfield Shopping Centre, Marion, in a carpark behind the row of shops. Parking here can be difficult at the best of times, and I try and be mindful of doing the right thing and parking in a spot that is offered to the customers of the shop/s I am going into. However, despite the best of my intentions, I failed dismally.

The carpark my little red car was in was for Barker Dry Cleaners, but I only saw the sign when I went back to my car. Can you really blame me? It was on the ground, behind the concrete guard that stopped you going into the fence! Where all the other signs were.


Clearly, they were waiting for someone with a pop rivet gun to come along and put the sign up where you can see it. Anyway, while I’m here, I just thought I’d mention that if you’re a business, make sure you get some good advice from your signage guys about not only the design and size of your signage but the placement of your sign as well.


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The Impossible Triangle

UnknownI was consulting with a client of mine, Gary Edwards, and we were chatting about client expectations. I mentioned something that I call ‘The Impossible Triangle’. I can’t remember who told me about it, and it was years ago, but I have since found that it occasionally comes in very handy.

So what exactly is The Impossible Triangle? Here’s how I show my clients. I draw a triangle (not a tricky one like this) and at each corner I write one word. Good. Quick. Cheap. I then explain that you can have 2 out of 3, but you can’t have 3 out of 3. Which one would you prefer to miss out on?

The shoe repairer who asked their customers to choose
Gary then shared a story with me. He told me about a shoe repairer who, on the back of their docket, had 3 boxes printed, each box with one word next to it. Quicker. Cheaper. Better. He then got the customer to tick 2 of the boxes. That way, the shoe repairer got the customer to decide — before their job was done — what the most important things were to them.

What a very simple but effective way to find out exactly what your customer’s expectations are! I can’t help but think that if we all did a version of this, there would be far fewer disputes having to be taken to Consumer and Business Services or the law courts…


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Kenny the perfect choice for IGA

I’ve written recently about choosing the right person to front your advertising campaigns, and the mistakes made by choosing Dr Karl to front the government’s Challenge of Change campaign.

Dr Karl’s own Challenge

The new TV ads for IGA encouraging us to shop independent are a wonderful example of choosing the perfect front man. Everyone loved the movie Kenny, the Aussie battler with the big heart who wins out in the end. Just like Muriel’s Wedding, it’s a real Australian feel-good story. So, it’s very clever of IGA (or rather, their advertising agency) to choose actor Shane Jacobson to be the face of the new IGA campaign, encouraging Aussies to support the locals and shop IGA. His very ‘everyman’ persona makes Kenny the perfect choice for IGA.

IGA ad with Kenny

With Shane’s shopping trolley trip from country through suburbs to city, they’ve cleverly managed to show just about every single target market there is. Just about everybody who sees the ad should be able to relate to someone they see on the screen. And if not, Kenny should be enough to convince you anyway.


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